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Tian Wang won First Prize in the 9th Competition of Young Teacher Teaching Skills at Tsinghua University

2021-01-01 14:57:36

The 9th competition of Young Teacher Teaching Skills at Tsinghua University was held during Nov. 27-29, 2020. There were 140 teachers from 47 different departments of Tsinghua University participated in this year’s competition. The participants were divided into three groups, Science, Engineering and Art, according to their teaching subjects.

Awards were announced on Dec. 24, 2020. Tian Wang, won First Prize in the group of Science. She presented a lecture from the course, “Biological Clock and Health”, a new course she proposed and prepared that will be open to all undergraduates at Tsinghua University for enrollment in Spring 2021.

The Tsinghua Young Teacher Teaching Competition was held every two years, co-organized by Division of Education, Division of Personnel and Labor Union at Tsinghua University.

Tian Wang joined School of Life Sciences as a Lecturer in the Teaching Track in September, 2020. She obtained Bachelor’s Degree from Tsinghua University and Ph.D Degree from University of California, San Diego. She did postdoctoral research at Salk Institute.