Research Facility

  • Equipment of Biomedical Testing Center

    Center of Biomedical Analysis, Tsinghua University

    Biomedical Testing Center is a key scientific research platform set up by Tsinghua University during the " Eleventh Five-Year " period. It has a protein chemistry platform, a cell biology platform and an isotope laboratory as well as the shared instrument platform, plant cultivation platform and Nikon imaging center with management. The testing center accepts the business guidance from laboratories and equipment institution and acts as a support institution for Tsinghua University - Peking University Life Science Joint Center. It provides technology support and testing service for Tsinghua University's scientific research and research on life, medicine, chemistry, environment, materials and aerospace and related disciplines as well as personnel training. In addition, it is open to the community in Beijing.

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  • Equipment in mice of The Laboratory A...

    Laboratory Animal Research Center, Tsinghua University

    The Laboratory Animal Center of Tsinghua University is located on the west side of the Northwest Gate of Tsinghua University with a total construction area of nearly 2,900 square meters. The predecessor is the Experimental Animal Platform of the Biomedical Testing Center of Tsinghua University. On June 12th, 2014, Tsinghua University formally received the notification that it has passed the AAALAC international certification, marking that our work has been recognized by international counterparts. Laboratory Animal Center mainly conduct experiments on mice, mice behavioral experiments, neuroscience and tumor-related genetically engineered mice breeding and experimental and pharmacological toxicology, immunological genetically engineered mice breeding as well as ordinary animal such as rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. Presently a more perfect experimental animal professional technical service system has been established.

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  • frozen electron microscopy of Tsinghu...

    Technology Center of Protein Research, Tsinghua University

    Based on the establishment of National Institute of Protein Science (Beijing) facilities Tsinghua University, "Tsinghua University Protein Research Center" was set up. The center for scientific research, Tsinghua University School-level scientific research and public service platform is parallel and regulated. It set up nine platforms of protein cryogenic electron microscope platform, cell cryogenic electron microscope platform, biological computing platform, X-ray crystallography platform, protein purification identification and preparation platform, nuclear magnetic technology Platform, Cell Imaging and Functional Analysis Platform, Proteomics and Metabolomics Platform, Gene Synthesis and Sequencing Platform, etc. It provides effective facility support and technical support for various scientific research work in life, medicine and other related disciplines.

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