Postdoc Management

Postdoc Management

The Postdoctoral Biology Station for Biology was established in March 1999. It includes "Cell, Development and Genetics," "Physio and Molecular Medicine," "Biophysics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology," "Bioinformatics, Computational Biology." Science, Systems Biology, Interdisciplinary, Neurobiology, and Botany, and many other secondary disciplines. The station has strong teaching staff, the number of teachers who have been supported by the national high-level talent program accounts for 30% of the total number of teachers, and the number of teachers who have been supported by the national youth talent program accounts for 32% of the total number of teachers.


Our school and the institute set up a multi-faceted funding system and benefits for postdoctoral students. In addition to enjoying the basic salary of the school, the postdoctoral fellow can also apply for the postdoctoral support program, postdoctoral fund of the joint life sciences center, postdoctoral excellence scholar of the Advanced Biology Center for Structural Biology, and obtaining the above items can enable the applicant to achieve the salary of international competitiveness. Post-doctoral researchers can apply for scientific research projects including China's post-doctoral fund special support, 150,000/person; China's post-doctoral scholarship funds, first prize 80,000 people, second prize 50,000/person; National Natural Science Foundation - Youth Fund Projects (approx. 80,000/year); Postdoctoral Candidates at the station can apply for national post-doctoral programs including Postdoctoral International Exchange Programs and Academic Exchange Projects, Xiangjiang Scholar Program, Sino-German Postdoctoral Exchange Project. Please refer to the postdoctoral fund section of this website for specific fund and project descriptions. In addition, post-doctoral postgraduates and non-Beijingese children may receive post-doctoral admission.


In the past five years, our mobile station has obtained scientific research achievements and rewards as follows:


A total of 95 papers (including 13 CNS papers) were published in the international or high-level journals; 29 were independently applied by the postdoctoral fellows from the National Natural Science Foundation of China; 8 were funded by independent Chinese post-doctoral fellows; Funded 21st and 33rd in funding. We have received 95 post-doctoral funds from the Joint Center for Life Sciences; 14 Highly-Skilled Innovation Center “Outstanding Scholars” project; 15 postdoctoral support programs; Plan 2 people (our organization has participated in the evaluation since 2016); we received a postdoctoral national exchange dispatch program to fund 1 person; 7 people were rated as excellent postdoctoral students at Tsinghua University.


Since the establishment of the mobile station, we have accumulatively recruited 388 postdoctoral fellows. Up to March 2018, 119 postdoctoral fellows have been stationed, and 236 postdoctoral work stations have been completed. Among the outbound staff, 20 are assistant professors who have stayed at Tsinghua University, 56 are associate professors or professors at other colleges and universities, and many outbound personnel are independent PI. They include Peking University's Department of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Tianjin University, and China University of Science and Technology. Independent laboratories were established for many well-known universities; 40 person were admitted to scientific research institutes, many of whom entered research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Medical College, and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; and the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute and the Beijing Life Sciences Research Institute. 29 postdoctoral scholars went abroad to continue their studies; 5 person flowed to other stations for two stations ; 13 person entered state organs, state-owned enterprises, and public institutions; 36 people entered non-state-owned enterprises and 29 people returned to the original unit and worked.